Are you are for the best startup in India? If yes then you are in the right place in this content we are going to give a brief description started of India who is now created a great Image Ion market. From the year of 2016-2017. India has been a start-up ecosystem is now witnessing massive funding.

India has become the key country for the rapid growth of startups and they have been engaging huge fund and they have to grab the share market. In India, the startups are coming up with some of the new technology and they have to capture the market. The start-up of India has been creating the business in all sectors like retail, transportation, hospitality, Automotive. Food delivery and finance.

Their many startups which have been already famous in the market, they have reached the part of the population with their own products and service. So, In this content, we are going to reveal the names of best startup in India.

Razor pays

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From the year 2014, there are many startups which has been registered under the government of India, Razor pay is one of them. It is an online payment solution which deals with Indian businesses to accept, process and arrange payment. They have been allowing access to multiple modes of payment like credit cards, debit cards, online banking.


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It is a digital insurance company that has been providing a digital platform to find out the plans. They have there specialized in car insurance and two-wheeler insurance products. They have been providing and been processing claims with a wide range of transport issues and other household product damages.

Pharma Easy

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PharmEasy is a drug store aggregator, helps Indian patients associate with nearby drug store stores and demonstrative focuses. It enables people to purchase their doctor-prescribed medication and social insurance items from nearby drug stores and furthermore allows them to step through online symptomatic exams.

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